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Our Team

professional and

through continuous training, with the support of Modatex,
our employees are able to achieve our goals,
to serve the client in the best possible way.
Our multi-generation team has become so complete and versatile.

we are socially responsible

We like to comply with the laws of Portugal and go beyond that.
We have zero tolerance in relation to
any type of discrimination, either by race, religious belief, disease,
gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation or public opinion.
We all have the right to a fair wage,
and no one under the age of 18 can work here. We comply with all the safety
and hygiene standards, as well as the norms environmental protection.

In partnership with Medilogics, with
the Firefighters of Sta. Marinha,
we train Higiéne and
Safety at Work, Safety
s and Health at Work, Nutrition,
Fire Prevention, First Aid, among others.

Learning and informing is essential.