Founded in 1981, starting by being a tailor quickly turned to the manufacture in series, never forgetting the quality, professionalism and personalization that are the hallmark of an individualized care. Its career has always been to grow both in physical space as well as innovation and vocational training to its employees. Give the current facilities, opened in May 1990 by the Hon. Mr. Mayor Baião Professor Artur Borges de Carvalho, where we bet on more modern machines and sophisticated, as in informatization (eg automatic cutting and CAD CAM).
As a company with 27 years is easy to realize that there is need to modernize either equipment, as knowledge and even the lay-out of the own facilities.

About 10/15 years ago we changed the whole organizational structure leaving the in line working to cells, where it conquered beyond more versatile and flexible employees, higher profitability in changing small orders. It was thus possible to conquer new markets and retain existing ones.
The partnership we have with our customers is much more than a relationship "Client / Supplier". It is a relationship of friendship, collaboration, partnership as a whole, as our customer has not always right, but always has the best of what this company has to offer you.
In 1993 and 1994 we received the International Gold Star Award.
We were distinguished as PME Lider in 2011, 2013 and 2014. Recently we were awarded as PMExcelência in January, a very prestigious award in Portugal.



Many years ago I was still a kid, only 11 years, when I finished the 4th grade and since my parents did not have let me opportunities to continue studying and dreaming of a better life I had to learn the "art tailor". One day I my boss left me alone for 2 days. On the table there were 3 pairs of cropped pants and the then I began to think "the measures are here let me see how he does it"!
As the pants were not all to the same person, it helped me to see the differences they had and how they were marked. I wrote down everything I had doing and at home I did and the simulations till I told my father that I was able to make him some pants. One day I arrived home and the had a sewing machine already heavily used and a cut ticking. With a lot fears I got to work and the when my dad dressed them it fit surprisingly well. Thereby I won the first stage of what would be my future life and the beginning of the Company where I currently am the production director and accounter for almost all the models that are produced in this factory unit. However I must add that my profile is due to a lot of learning in the "school of life", much training and attendance at seminars, fairs and events related to the sector. With me collaborates a team of luxury!"


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Zona Industrial de Eiriz
4640-014 Gôve, Baião
GPS Coordinates: 41.1246404/-8.0487212
Tel: +351 255 551 552 // 255 552 106
Cell: +351 964 771 168

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